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When Life Is a Blur, Take a Few Pictures

The last few weeks (months?) have been a bit of a blur. It’s one of those blurs that appears out of nowhere and clotheslines you when you least expect it. Ka-Pow. It’s when the calendar looks relatively empty and luxuriously accommodating that it’s time to be afraid, right? It’s time to be very afraid.  (when will I learn this?!?)

Nature abhors a vacuum.

I trust you know the feeling.

So as I make heads or tails of my weeks and days, pushing ever forward but twisted in too many other directions at the same time, I thought I’d share with you these life snapshots:


Winona and Oak This girl is heading home this weekend after spending two months in New York interning at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.


Caty Driving This boy is very close to getting his license.


AsterDress This girl is going to her first prom.


Oak Kennel This dog (Oak) completed his puppy program and returned to Guiding Eyes but did not enter training as a guide dog, instead he chose a career in detection and security work.


Jams Farm This dog (Jammy) has enjoyed life as a Hudson Valley farm dog and will probably be depressed to return to suburbia this weekend.


Oswin This little dog (Oswin) still rules the roost.


Lina This dog (Lina) is with us through Rural Dog Rescue and is looking for her forever home - do you know someone who’s looking to adopt a sweet, cuddly, playful 2-year old hound mix? (send them my way if you do!)


Aqua This young dog will be making an appearance here soon.


Listen To Your Mother This is where I will be on Sunday, May 3, reading my essay for Listen To Your Mother.


Naomi Hattaway This beautiful lady has been cheering me on for months, keeping me focused on my goals, and helping me see the big picture and all the little details along the way - and I’m eternally grateful our paths have crossed. (She’s also a Listen To Your Mother sponsor and the most committed and caring realtor you’ll find in Northern Virginia.)


Founding Farmers DC This beautiful picture was shot to promote Founding Farmers and their interior design, and it made my heart swell.

It all makes my heart swell, really.

Wishing you a heart swelling week as well!



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