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Today's Sewing Table

Beach Umbrella  

For the past five years, we’ve taken a vacation with my mom to a small Canadian beach town on the northern shore of Lake Erie. It’s very remote and really all about relaxing and enjoying the sun, sand and clear, warm (you’d be surprised!) Lake Erie water.

This year we enjoyed mostly gorgeous weather, which of course is terrific. The downside of it though is that I didn’t get much crafting done, which is my go-to project on rainy or chilly vacation days. I did get some bits of projects done though!




I showed you how to make machine appliquéd hexie pillows, and I got a bunch of sets of hexies make while on the road. It’s a great project for long car trips, just don’t drop your needle! (that’s personal experience talking there…)




I started and nearly finished a small crocheted lap blanket using super-bulky yarn (that’s why it went so quickly – just look at that Fred Flintstone crochet hook!). It was my biggest crochet project yet, and it ended up somewhere around 28” x 40” before I decided to rip the whole thing out.

Yes, in case you’re wondering, that made me sick to my stomach to do.

But it had to be done.

I wish I grabbed a picture of it before I ripped it out, but no dice. But suffice it to say that instead of ending up with a nice rectangular throw, I had something more like an hourglass on my hands. Count stitches much? Me, apparently not enough.

The upside of the whole thing is that I really, really enjoyed making it, so logic tells me that I’ll enjoy making it again. I’m going to take it along to a quilting retreat in a few weeks so I can tap into the collective wisdom of fellow crochet buddies, as well as have a hand project to do in the evenings when we socialize (a girl's gotta take a break from the sewing machine at some point, right?).




I finally finished this pillow for Aster – she saw the cathedral window pillow I made myself and wanted one of her own. She chose the fabrics and I love how it came out – she always impresses me with the colors and patterns she combines.




I found a few knits on sale at JoAnn’s and picked some up in the hopes of making braided infinity scarves. Because nothing celebrates the 95 degree days of July like making scarves, right?!? (yeah, I don’t know either what I was thinking)




I am part of an online sewing bee organized by Kristin Link to make rainbow-themed blocks in celebration of the Marriage Equality Act. I’m still mulling over how I’m going to make the block (it has to end up 12.5” x 12.5”) and I’ll be honest, I am intimidated by the amazing blocks that have been submitted already. I’ve gotta choose my pattern soon and work up some nerve to get this one done!


wave quilt


The commissioned wholecloth wave quilt is in its final stages – I’ve quilted in all the waves and now have to quilt the border and do the binding. I’m still wrestling with a design decision about the border quilting - I’m leaning toward pebble quilting so it looks like the water portion is surrounded by bubbles. The client wants red thread on the black border, so it will really stand out, which is what’s intimidating to me, I think. Pebble quilting is very time consuming and a little bit tricky to do well (for me at least) and I really want it to be just right. I picked up a variegated red thread but I’m a bit unsure about that too – I thought the lighter portions would highlight the bubble effect but I’m worried that the client, who is a teenage boy, might not appreciate the way the lighter parts show up as pink. Decisions decisions!


1000 Quilt Inspirations


And finally, this book is sitting on my sewing table! I absolutely love it because it’s filled with a huge range of quilt blocks and details, which makes it a great book to pick up now and then to find some inspiration.

But what’s most exciting about this book (to me at least!) is found on page 70 – three of my own quilt blocks were selected to be part of this amazing book! I’m not only honored to be included, I’m super honored that my blocks are on the first page of the “Modern Designs” chapter. Have a look!


1000 Quilt Inspirations


I have to admit, it's pretty cool to see my name right there on that page (x3!)


1000 Quilt Inspirations


That’s all I’ve got for now (that’s more than enough!), I’d love for you to share what you’re working on, too!


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