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The Give and Take of Growing


There’s something about this girl that makes me a better person. In fact she’s been inspiring me since before she was born.

While I was pregnant with her I felt the strong need to have a homebirth, which taught me new ways to trust and honor my body.

I had the most challenging, yet ultimately successful, and longest nursing relationship with her, which taught me that some things are worth fighting for.

I learn compassion by her example. There are plenty of times I lose patience, like when I’m exasperated by the grocery checker who can’t tell radishes from rhubarb and I audibly sigh and roll my eyes. She’s always so quick to shoot the clerk a sympathetic look while pulling me aside (and back to reality) with a whisper in my ear of “Mom, I’m sure he’s doing the best he can!”.

Yes, of course he is, I think to myself, I should know that. Thanks for the reminder, Smalls.

She takes on brand new activities with zeal, whether they be volleyball or cheerleading or a homecoming dance. She may not always feel confident or comfortable but she never lets that get in the way of giving things her best shot.

Her sense of design is impeccable – she’s the first one I turn to when faced with a fashion dilemma. And honestly, my quilting projects would not be nearly as successful without her input - she has an intuitive eye for color and form that I’m so grateful to tap into.

And her feedback? It’s always delivered with her trademark tact and humility.

As her mom, I’m in the process of helping Aster grow from a child to an adult. That’s my job and I can’t think of a better one. And in turn, she helps me grow as a person, as an artist, and as a mother.

That seems to be her calling in life, and what a beautiful calling that is. And I’m so happy to celebrate that today.

Happy 15th birthday, Smalls – I hope your day is as special and sweet as you are!





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