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Quick, Easy and Festive Fabric Bunting

On a whim last week I invited some friends over for a Memorial Day cookout this weekend. Which now means we have to clean, both inside and outside, to host said cookout.  So what did I do next? Make a bunting, of course!


(If you thought I was going to say anything related to cleaning, you surely don't know me well enough. My house is probably a lot like yours - lived in. Very, very lived in.)


I just so happen to have a bunch of red fabric scraps sitting on my art table, left over from the pillow I finished last week. Soooo friends + fabric scraps = super simple holiday bunting!

Not only is this a very quick and easy project, it’s also wonderfully imprecise. Cut the twine as long as you need, cut as many fabric scraps as you want and don’t you even dare think about ironing them!  It’s the uneven edges (some are even torn) and the wrinkly goodness that gives this bunting its charm.

The hardest part of this project is choosing which fabrics to use – once you do that, the rest will fly by. Leaving you plenty of time to clean of course (ahem).


Fabric Bunting Supplies:

Fabric scraps between 9” and 12” long

Twine or rope



Cut your fabric scraps into strips in varying lengths, somewhere between 9” and 12” long, and about 1” wide. No need to be precise or neat with your trimming, all the variation in sizes adds to the look.


Cut your twine to your desired length. Because it can get curly and tangled, it’s better to cut several smaller lengths (8' or so) and string up multiple buntings rather than make one very long one.


Take your first strip of fabric and lay it under the twine as shown.


Take the two ends of the fabric and fold them upwards, pushing them through the loop of fabric that’s above the twine.



Pull the fabric tails down and gently tighten the fabric knot against the twine, adjusting it to look how you want.


Continue adding fabric ties to the twine at regular intervals (I tied a piece of fabric about every 12”)




Hang your finished bunting up and enjoy!



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