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Making Art from Memories (While Remembering What's Important)


Most projects are easy. See some inspiration, pick a pattern, choose the fabric, and off you go. They come together smoothly and beautifully. A lot of the time at least.

This is not one of those projects.

But that's OK.

These are bits of someone's childhood here in a pile, treasured clothing and linens and even a piece of a sleeping bag. It's a commission job for young boy who is going off to a therapeutic boarding school and needs a piece of home to take with him.

And his parents need him to take a piece of home with him too.

My task is to make art out of his memories. Their memories.

No stress there, right?  (wrong)

So now I sit and sketch and arrange and squint and fold and stack and worry about making something that will measure up. It's a lot of pressure and angst.

Then I think about what his parents must be feeling.

And I realize I have the easy job after all, so I refocus on the task at hand.

Only by the grace of god go I.

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