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It's Almost a New Year - Goals for 2016!

New Year, New Goals  

Can you believe we’re in the final countdown of 2015?  In less than two weeks, we’ll be ringing in the new year! It always sounds so trite to say “Wow, did this year fly by quickly or what?” but it feels like it was only a couple of months ago that I was writing this same post last year.  They say that the older you get, the faster times flies... so by that measure I'm thinking I might be 142 years old by now!

As you might recall, I don’t like to make resolutions because to me, a resolution implies failure (as in, a problem to resolve). And I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly love sitting around mulling over all the ways I’ve failed or fallen short over the past twelve months. (Trust me, I can do that on my own without prompting!). Who wants to spend more time on that during this joyful and festive time of year? Not me, no thanks.

But I do like to think about the year to come and the things I want to accomplish, because the start of a new year always feels so filled with potential and promise, doesn’t it? It’s exciting.

And I think the best way to get excited about the coming year is to review your successes from the past year - it’s a great launching point!  So to help you with that, I’ve created a worksheet just for you.

It’s called 2016 by Design and it prompts you to identify the good things you did this past year, the good things your family did, and the good things you want to do next year.  2016 Goals Worksheet and print it out for yourself, or even better, print one for each person in your family.

Since there are still two weeks until the new year rolls in, why not leave the worksheet sitting out someplace handy? That way when inspiration strikes, you can get your thoughts down on paper. Or take it to a coffee shop to brainstorm, or spend a couple of minutes with it each night before bed or first thing in the morning. Then come up with a plan to share with your family, especially the parts about them!

Like all creative pursuits, make it your own to ring in the new year.  Cheers!

Download the 2016 Goals Worksheet


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