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Is Crazy Normal?

Successful Surrogacy  

It’s been a crazy week, friends.

But crazy in a good way, you know?

In all honesty I’m having a heck of at time sitting down to write this post because I feel like my head is up in the clouds, where it’s been all week, and no matter how much I tug on the tether to bring it back down to reconnect it with the rest of my body, it just wants to stay up in the clouds, buoyed and clutched and pulled by the wind current like a kite in the sky at the ocean shore.

You know why that is?

Because my book “Successful Surrogacy” climbed the charts at Amazon this week and reached the #1 ranking in the Fertility category. It still holds the number one spot there and in a few other categories (Reproductive Medicine, Basic Science, Embryology, etc.) but even more exciting is that it reached the top 10 for Parenting and Relationships (the #7 spot to be exact).

So while I should have been working on any number of other projects this week (a commissioned t-shirt quilt, finishing a few little gifts for friends, any number of my own unfinished projects), I’ve been stressing and promoting and tweeting and refreshing my stats page on Amazon.

Need to make dinner?

Nope, gotta refresh the stats.

Need to reply to emails?

Nope, gotta refresh the stats.

Need to go to bed?

NO, gotta refresh the stats!

And since I started writing this post, I’ve stopped to refresh the stats about 4 times. I’ve pushed my goal number up three times already and right now I’m 3 downloads away from hitting what I think is my final goal during this week’s promotion.

It’s a hard line to straddle, you know? Creative output, labors of love, works from the heart, no matter what they are, when they cross the line from personal to commercial, they take on a whole new spin.

My life has taken on a whole new spin.

And that’s OK, because this is the path I chose, but there’s still a lot of feelings of discomfort and disconnect, which I’m going to assume is normal.

I don’t know if it’s normal, I’ve never done this before.

But assuming it’s normal doesn’t really make it any easier, it just makes it, well, normal.

I think that’s about all the writing have in me today. My head it still in the clouds and I’ve hit refresh on my stats about three times since I typed it a few minutes ago.

No change, I’m still 3 downloads from my goal, with less than 10 hours to go. I think I’ll hit the goal, but I have no way of knowing, things have drastically slowed down as we approach the end of the week.

I hope you’ll bear with me, folks, I’ll be back to the usual next week. Until then, on with the crazy!

(aaaaand still three more to go)


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