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As the Piles Grow, So Does the Guilt


It’s been a week. A very full, intense week. Which isn’t to say it’s been a bad week, in fact most of the week has been good, with some unexpected surprises. Pleasant surprises. Intense surprises.

Intense pleasant surprises.

One of those surprises I’ll show you next week (fingers crossed! holding my breath!). Another is a bit down the road (fingers extra crossed!).

Contributing to the intensity of this week is the growing pile of projects on my table, vying for my time and attention. These things are staring me down and poised to win the battle against my resolve to finish them.

I thought I’d do a little show and tell today and give you a peek at the projects in my queue right now.

My reasons for doing this are two-fold. First, I hope that by posting all these projects here it will help me focus on getting them done (wishful thinking, I know, but a girl can dream). And second, if you’re anything like me, unfinished projects that linger on for longer than I think they should are a source of guilt.

That might be silly (I mean really, it’s just sewing, right?!?) but it’s definitely true for me.

So maybe if you see my unfinished piles, you’ll feel better about your own unfinished projects.

Ready to ease your guilt? Let’s do this.


Charity Quilt


Look at this gorgeous quilt! It practically glows with juicy goodness from the rich purples, pinks and oranges. And that quilting! I can claim no responsibility for the design, sewing, or quilting - it was pieced and quilted by two other guild members to be donated to 100 Quilts for Kids.  Because I really love binding quilts so much, as in, I find an extreme zen satisfaction in doing it, they asked me to finish this off by hand and I gladly accepted. I'm really looking forward to it, though I've made no time for it lately. But soon, soon, I'm sure I'll tackle it soon.


Liberty Throw


Ooooooh this luscious Liberty!  This is a throw I'm making for myself out of my collection of Liberty of London prints. It's backed with a big piece of bamboo fleece, which is the softest and drapiest fabric ever. It's pieced and basted and just needs to be quilted and bound. I'm eager to finish it but working on it seems too indulgent when I have other more pressing projects for other people. So for now it sits in a drapey pile and I pet it a bit when I pass by.


LIza's Quilt


This ragtag bunch of fabrics makes an encore appearance! I made one commission quilt out of this boy's early childhood clothes and his mother loved it so much she's commissioned a second one for herself.  I started out making a near copy of the first quilt but as these things go, the fabric had other ideas and it's coming out as an entirely different piece. Which I think is for the best, but why didn't I think of that rather than the fabric having to make the decision for me?!? (the fabric always seems to know best!)  This project is on hold while I wait for the client to send me a few more pieces of clothes she wants me to incorporate.


Solar System


This is a sneaky peek of a project I'm developing for my shop. Right now I'm adding in the asteroid belt and my oh my all those french knots in metallic thread are wayyyyyy more time consuming than I ever imagined!


Cats and Owls on Linen


These halloween cats and owls, how cute are they?!? As soon as I saw them I was smitten and I wanted to turn them into a halloween garland by printing them on linen. I'd like to say it'll actually get done by halloween but I suggest you not hold your breath on that one.


Get to Know Your Sewing Machine Samples


This pile of luscious fabrics? This is what I'm using to make samples for my Get to Know Your Sewing Machine classes. I've got one sample done so far and I want to make at least three more, plus cut pieces for students to sew with themselves. This really is a high priority considering my first class is in two weeks!


Jodi's Quilt


This pretty pile is what I plan to use for a commission quilt that's due in November. I haven't had the client approve it yet, that's the next step. But soon, very soon!




These shot cottons are my inspiration for the next quilt in my music quotes series. I have a half-baked idea of what I plan to do with them, however the deadline is firm - the end of November if I want to enter it into the Modern Quilt Guild's show in Austin, TX in February 2015. I'd better get cracking!


Voile Flowers


This is a pile of lovely voile (very soft, silky cottons) that are taunting me to transform them into flowers with the addition of decorative buttons. I think this idea has a lot of promise but again, my time for handwork is limited right now. Sigh.


Liberty Blossoms


This is my Liberty wall quilt inspired by the falling cherry blossoms back in April. I'm currently in the "I hate this, this is awful, this is the worst thing I've ever made" stage with this piece, so the motivation to get back to it is very low. And cherry blossoms in September isn't a very compelling narrative. And to top it off, I plan to hand quilt it, and I don't even really like hand quilting. I do, however, want to finish it because I want to see if it ends up looking like my vision. So curiosity is pushing me forward (even though I haven't actively worked on it in months).


Yoga Pants


Last but not least is this pair of yoga pants that needs me to adjust the elastic in the waistband. I find clothes mending and tailoring really boring, even though I'm usually thrilled with the results and I know I'll be thrilled to have this pair of pants to wear around the house as it's getting chillier. But opening up a waistband and getting it exactly how I want it? Ugh.

So that's about it, there is one more pile I forgot to photograph - my colorblock quilt - I have the blues and purples on my table but as I mentioned it's not a quilt I'm loving as it's evolving. But recently I had an idea for it, a different direction from what I planned but one I'm actually eager to try, so we'll see what comes of it. I don't foresee time to work on it until January at the earliest.

That's crazy talk, feeling creatively booked up until January.

What projects are sitting around your house giving you those guilty looks?!?



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